Your donations of second-hand clothing and other goods placed in our community collection bins help us to serve the community. The Foundation promotes charitable clothing collections as a vital community service.  Community collection bins facilitate the recycling of products and reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill in Western Australia.the

The Foundation works in partnership with St Vincent De Paul, Good Samaritan Industries and Anglicare to ensure this service continues to benefit Western Australian community.

If you see someone vandalising or damaging a collection bin or illegally dumping goods, contact the Foundation on (08) 9381 0111.  Remember, leaving any goods outside a collection bin, no matter what it is or its condition, constitutes illegal dumping and costs us money to remove and dispose of.

If you would like to join our ‘Adopt a Collection Bin’ Programme, contact the Foundation to help us target vandalism and illegal rubbish dumping in the community.

To find out where your nearest community collection bin is situated or to report illegal dumping, bin vandalism or other anti-social behaviour to do with our collection bins, please call (08) 9381 0111 or email: