• ParaQuad Industries, the Organisation’s business services division, is a registered Australian Disability Enterprise that offers a diverse range of goods and services to the private and commercial sectors.
  • It offers employment and training opportunities for a diverse group of people with disabilities. All employees have the right to access and participate in an integrated work environment regardless of needs and capabilities.

 For further information about our diverse employment opportunities, please contact ParaQuad Industries on (08) 9381 0195.


ParaQuad Industries commenced operations in 1955. Gordon Gooch, a philanthropist partially crippled by poliomyelitis at the age of two, purchased a property in Subiaco, which was renovated to provide accommodation for people in wheelchairs. This hostel — the first of its kind — was opened in November 1960 and became the first Foundation workshop where wheelchair repairs and small packaging jobs were undertaken by just eight employees.

A further building was purchased on Cambridge Street, Wembley, to house a welfare agency with two full-time staff. The workshop was moved from Subiaco to Wembley, where workers made and repaired crutches for Princess Margaret Children’s Hospital. Work was also outsourced to paraplegics who, for personal and transport reasons, could not attend the workshop. By 1967, an average of 13 workers attended the Workshop each day and, by 1968, some 40 people had graduated through the workshop to open employment.

With the help of Jim Devereaux, then Secretary for Health, the Foundation received a Crown grant of land in Shenton Park, which is still used today as its main headquarters. During the 1970s, workshops were developed to provide a broad range of opportunities and the name ParaQuad Industries (PQI) was adopted.

During the next decade, PQI expanded to include furniture and gardening divisions, a metal workshop, upholstery shop, picture framing service, general packaging, and cloth and donated goods division.

In February 2011, a fire destroyed the workshops, displacing some 170 supported employees. However, out of the ashes, the PQI workshops were rebuilt and in August 2012, PQI commenced operations in brand-new facilities. The rebuilt workshops include improved facilities and state-of-the-art technologies.

The Enterprise continues to operate in accordance with the values of the Spine & Limb Foundation (Inc.) and upholds the Disability Service Standards throughout all initiatives.