The Quadriplegic Centre is a rehabilitative and care facility for people with quadriplegia and paraplegia. Built in 1969 as an integral part of the Western Australian health system, the Quadriplegic Centre focuses on providing specialist services to the most severe population who present with high spinal cord injuries, requiring multidisciplinary team input.

Injuries at this level have a devastating impact on the individual and their family. At the most severe end of this scale, the person will require one-to-one care, with mechanical ventilation 24 hours a day and will be unable to do any self-care.

All levels of injury severely impact on the capacity of the individual to function without a considerable amount of care. Community funding to meet the quadriplegic’s care needs is either unavailable or insufficient to provide adequate care. In cases where multiple, concurrent sequelae or complications exist, specialist medical and nursing input is required over a long and complex rehabilitation and extended care is inevitable.