Single room with ensuite


Description of quality, condition and amenity of room

There are 45 rooms in total of which:

- Eight (8) have a connecting door to the room next door for couples, if desired.

- Twenty (20) rooms open to an internal communal courtyard with a private garden area.

- Twenty five (25) rooms open onto external private courtyards with small garden.

The residents’ rooms are light, bright & welcoming with modern fresh furnishings & high ceilings. The room opens into a short hallway with built wardrobe on right and entrance to ensuite on left. A sliding door opens onto a small garden private garden area with a secure external storage room. Each room is locked with a key kept by the occupant.


Size of room (sqm) excluding ensuite



Description of quality, condition, size and amenity of common areas to which a person living in this room would have access

The Lodge is nestled amongst the Camelia Court Retirement Village off Guildford Road near the Swan River and next to the Eric Singleton Bird Reserve. There is a car park outside the front door with easy wheelchair access and plenty of parking. Electric glass doors open into an attractive lobby and administration area.


The Lodge is well-lit with natural and electric lighting, air conditioned with wide carpeted hallways displaying a wide range of art work, wide enough for two wheelchairs to pass simultaneously.


There are two large lounge areas with comfortable chairs for watching television and relaxing; one houses a pool table.


The Lodge has two internal paved courtyards with established landscaped gardens and externally the Lodge is set amongst a retirement village with established gardens, grassed areas and winding walkways.


There is one large dining room opening onto an internal courtyard on one side and an external garden area on the other.


Meals are cooked on site and served in the dining room three times a day.


There is a dedicated Club Room for residents’ activities.


There is a Library housing a range of books, a resident noticeboard and a large fish tank.


There is a dedicated Doctor’s Surgery and Hair Salon.


There are two small lounge areas with comfortable chairs & tables, tea & coffee facilities overlooking the internal courtyards.


There are male & female visitors’ toilets and two disabled toilets.


Description of any specific accommodation or design features of the room, and of the facility, to which a person in this room would have access

Room’s features:

- Ensuite private bathroom with toilet, shower with hose, wall mounted bathroom cabinet & mirror, grab rails and 2 x wall mounted call bells

- Call bell; wall mounted near bed head with optional extension cord

- Three (3) room lights; room & two for reading above bed.

- Reverse cycle air conditioning; with remote control

- Electric bed with adjustable height & head; hand held controls, bed rails (one or two) optional

- Bedside table with key locked drawer and cupboard with shelf

- Double wardrobe – built in, floor to ceiling, incudes three drawers & three shelves

- Comfortable chair

- Large wall mounted mirror above built in desk/dressing table with three drawers on each side of desk.

- Built in cupboards (three) with two wall mounted shelves above.

- Provision for wall mounted television

- Picture rails surrounding walls

- Attractive linoleum floor covering

- Full length curtains with block-out lining; across sliding door

- Landline telephone point


Description of any additional care or services offered at no additional cost

- Lifestyle Program includes activities that promote physical & mental wellbeing...and fun

- Library

- Mail service

- Continence management aids (as per eligibility)

- Mobility aids & specialised furniture (as per eligibility)

- Cleaning services; six days a week

- Laundry services; four days a week

- Catering services; seven days a week

- Physiotherapy assessment service; weekly

- Podiatry (as per eligibility)

- Exercise Physiologist (as per eligibility)

- Dietician (as per eligibility)

- Speech Pathologist (as per eligibility)

- Optometry  Service; annual

- WA Aged Care Dental Program; annual

- Local Library Service (fortnightly)

- Weekly church services

- Spiritual advisors

- Specialised palliative care services (Palliative Ambulatory Service North - PASN)

- Specialised dementia advisory service (Dementia Behavioural Management  Advisory Service - BMAS)


Description of optional additional (i.e. not included in the accommodation price for the room) costs associated with the room and a description of the services offered for those costs

Pharmaceutical services; prescribed & other - weekly & as required

Administration fee associated with accessing emergency drug supplies

Visiting Podiatry service; fortnightly

Visiting hairdressing service; twice weekly in Lodge salon

As required services:

- Consultant medical services; GP referral

- Other Allied Health Practitioners

- Complimentary Therapists

- Continence management consultant service & aids

- Mobility & specialised furniture service  & aids

- Sensory aids service providers; for sight & hearing aids

- Prostheses services; including dental & other aids


Bus outings; occasional co-payment required

Newspaper & magazine etc. deliveries

Postage associated with mail service

Private telephone service