ParaQuad Industries offers supported employment to anyone with a permanent physical, intellectual, sensory, neurological, psychiatric or other disability, who is motivated to work and meet job requirements.

We offer flexible working days and times, on-the-job training and support, and opportunities for social networking and community involvement. Supported employees develop vocational and life skills in a focused and friendly environment.

Our purpose

  • ParaQuad Industries provides a range of employment opportunities for people with disabilities, enabling them to pursue a higher quality of life.
  • ParaQuad Industries trains and supports people with disabilities, striving to be a dynamic, employee-focused, diverse and competitive organisation.

Eligibility criteria

  • Motivation to work and willingness to develop new skills.
  • Patients with a long-term permanent disability.
  • Eligibility to receive the Disability Support Pension.
  • Responsible for personal care routine (or arrange external support).
  • Ability to organise own transport to and from work.
  • Ability to work a minimum of 8 hours per week.
  • Willingness to participate in training programmes to develop on-the-job skills and ability to integrate into a team environment.


Supported employees receive a number of benefits:

  • Supported employees’ award coverage.
  • Employer contribution to superannuation fund.
  • Job skills training.
  • Individual employment reviews and planning.
  • Leave provisions.
  • Access to Disabled Workers’ Union membership.
  • Opportunity to participate in the Supported Employees’ Committee.

For further information, please contact ParaQuad Industries on (08) 9381 0195.