Admissions to the Quadriplegic Centre may be through self-referral from the community, or by referral from another health service or the community nursing team. The Director of Nursing considers all admission requests following submission from the applicant’s treating medical practitioner as to health status, current medication and care requirements.

The following criteria are considered in the admission process:

  • Minimum age 18 years.
  • Patients with high spinal injury resulting from trauma or approved disease process leading to quadriplegia and high-level care needs.
  • Concurrent psychiatric/mental health problems must be stable with appropriate ongoing management in place.
  • High-level care needs up to and including a level of care where mechanical ventilation is required.
  • Sub/post-acute admission from the Spinal Service is given high priority.

The following clinical presentations are outside the admission criteria:

  • Post-polio syndrome.
  • Multiple sclerosis.
  • Spina bifida.
  • Motor neuron disease.

Patients admitted to the Centre are subject to ongoing clinical review of their current care plan, treatment regimes and other therapeutic programmes that form part of the overall clinical management plan. Changes to care plans are made by the clinical team in response to assessed needs and in consultation with the patient. Should individual needs substantially change, so as to either not require or to exceed the capacity of the Centre’s services, a formal review process will be initiated. The clinical team will review all options and in discussion with the patient, where necessary, facilitate transfer and admission to an appropriate health facility. Where this situation presents as an emergency, immediate transfer will be organised and the family or next of kin informed at the earliest opportunity.

For further information, contact the Quadriplegic Centre by email: or telephone (08) 9381 0111.